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[GUIDE] Damage Colors

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[GUIDE] Damage Colors

Post by Diminish on Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:40 pm

COLOR = this is the color of Regular Damage.
- This damage depends on how strong our Character is.

COLOR = this color shows the Critical Damage.
- This can be more higher when our sets, weapons or wing has Luck that give additional 5% critical damage per item and also when you have additional Critical damage buff by a Lord Emperor or Dark Lord.

COLOR = this color stands for Excellent Damage.
- This damage will show if we are wearing an item that has "Excellent Damage 10%" or we can also have this damage through some ancient items.

COLOR = presents the Reflect Damage.
- We can have this reflect when we are wearing an item that has " Reflect Damage 5%" this shows when someone attacks us, and his damage will reflect to him.

COLOR = this color shows the Ignore Damage.
- This Damage shows when we are wearing a Wing that has "Ignore opponent's defensive power by 5%"

COLOR = it is the SD Damage.
- This shows the damage that will be decrease in our SD

COLOR= refers to the Regular Damage to you made by others.
- Depends on your defense and how strong the person is attacking you.

COLOR = refers to the damage made by Poison.
- You can see this when you where poison by an MG, WIZ or some monster and when you are decayed by a WIZ.

Double Damage from Ancient Options/Bonus Socket Option can be colored as same as Normal Regular Damage, Excellent Damage, Critical Damage and Ignore Damage. It appears as 2x Damage appearing at the almost same time.


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